Our Theory of Change


LitLab is revolutionizing early learning for underserved children. Our user-centered approach focuses on designing/prototyping solutions with potential to scale, then testing them in the “lab” of the San Francisco Bay Area. A focus on the design mindset is key; we develop new solutions to current problems by analyzing existing knowledge and service gaps, then creating sticky solutions that bypass obstacles to enhance early learning. If something doesn’t work as envisioned, we reimagine solutions to create success.

Study upon study demonstrate that the achievement gap for underserved children occurs during the first five years of life. We are changing the paradigm that the circumstances of a child’s birth determine the direction of their life. Our suite of programs address all aspects of learning and development for children, aged 2-8. We focus on the primary importance of: 

  • Engaging parents and caregivers as the child’s first and most important teacher

  • Mobilizing early learning advocates

  • Empowering educators through training

  • Personalizing blended learning interventions

  • Connecting siloed communities of early learning champions

We aim to democratize learning by combining community resources, removing barriers that keep families in the poverty cycle. Our creativity is the primary resource that pushes us beyond challenge and into success. Because we believe the future for these children depends on our help.