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Kidappolis Communities




Foster community partnerships with local resource/service providers with the aim of connecting families to high quality educational, health, wellness, and legal resources and programs that serve low-income families at scale.



Worldreader Partnership

In August 2019, LitLab became the exclusive US distributor of the Worldreader eBook app. Through this partnership, kidappolis users gain access to more than 54,000 eBooks in multiple languages.


Text Messages


Custom SMS/Texts Increase Outreach

LitLab tools facilitate scaled family engagement by taking advantage of the time between face-to-face interactions with customized messages from community partners.



Grant Funding

Kidappolis is eligible for federal, state, and local funding. A variety of funding options for curriculum, technology, professional development, infrastructure, and/or special education may be applicable to cover the costs of a digital learning implementation. For a detailed list of successful cost saving options used by our partners, please contact us directly at