Kidappolis Books



Nationally, just under 50% of children aged 0-5 are read to daily. Providing a steady stream of new, age-appropriate books has been shown to nearly triple interest in reading within months. Kidappolis offers two solutions: kidappolis Bags and kidappolis Books.


kidappolis school+ book Rotation Program

Our bilingual bookbag rotation component makes interactive reading accessible with an enriching easy-time-together experience for children and parents that stretches beyond the classroom. By pairing hardcover books with kidappolis, where families log weekly reading and track progress, we significantly influence the way children develop pathways for school achievement and success.



Kidappolis Books

The bilingual kidappolis Books program provides community agencies, community centers, local medical, and legal aid offices with books from a curated list of Spanish/English bilingual titles. Families bring free books home and establish a reading routine with their child. Paired with kidappolis to track weekly reading and progress, free bilingual home libraries encourage out-of-school literacy and numeracy practice, within a family supported pro-literacy environment.


Kidappolis book programs can be purchased separately or paired with the kidappolis app.