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Kidappolis is an app that enables parents to use screen time as deep learning time, through interactive, caregiver-led early learning opportunities. With kidappolis, caregivers walk children through a series of mini skill assessments to identify the child’s primary areas of need. Personalized, curated app recommendations foster specific early learning, literacy, and numeracy goals.

The challenge

In classrooms across the country lengthy preschool waitlists prevent our youngest learners from accessing the resources to perform well in school.


At Litlab, we know there’s a way forward

What if we could leverage mobile technology to support out of school learning and empower all families—particularly emergent bilingual families—to become their child’s first teacher?


Learning Activities

We provide a relevant experience by linking the child’s profile, interests, and learning goals through a guided experience. Skill checkups are based on existing assessments and tools used by educators like you!



Parents gain back valuable time—we take the guesswork out of the process by making the best of ~300,000 apps available for free.



We don’t want kids to be glued to another screen—we believe screens are the perfect conduit for parents to accelerate their child’s progress beyond the app and into the home.


Personalized Learning

We take online learning offline, by offering feedback, tips, and progress reports via SMS/push notifications, all directly connected to key educational outcomes.

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Academic Skill Growth

In 3 months children can experience a 12-month vocabulary gain

Parent Activation

90% of parents use provided feedback to support their child’s learning

Classroom Technology

96% Teacher Adoption Rate of instructional technology for early learners

Kidappolis facilitates the way my son is learning his letters and vocabulary. And instead of spending time on other apps, my son is learning as he plays.
— Nereida Maldonado