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Our Mission

Revolutionizing Early Learning.

We give under-resourced children, their caregivers, and educators the tools to develop early learning pathways toward school readiness and continued academic success by providing interactive blended learning solutions that address key aspects of childhood development.



Kidappolis is powered by LitLab, a national nonprofit democratizing learning outcomes for low-income and emergent bilingual students and families. Our content and design spark accelerated literacy skill development in children from preschool through the 3rd grade literacy milestone, so all children enter - and stay - ready for success in school.

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Our Impact

LitLab is on target to impact 1 million families by 2023.

In the process, kidappolis will empower caregivers to support their early learner’s progress in school, while providing schools with insight into what children learn at home, informing and deepening the classroom learning experience. Targeted skill support, echoed by strong bonds between home and school, improve learning outcomes and set children up for lifelong success.



Key programs

The kidappolis app, kidappolis Books, and kidappolis Communities serve our families where they most need our help.



Years Serving communities

LitLab was founded in 2014 and was centered around LitBag, a one-to-one tablet program for the highest need schools in the Bay Area.



Thousand Families Impacted

LitLab’s impact has reached thousands locally through legacy programs. With our new offerings we will reach 1 million families nationally by 2023.


Our Programs

LitLab’s programs are designed to support a child’s early learning and language development while engaging parents and caregivers, and empowering teachers and service providers. We take a grassroots approach to innovation by welcoming input from our constituents, fusing their ideas with the research of early learning experts.

At LitLab we believe that a child’s early learning success is created by sharing resources, literacy and learning tools, and digital content with informed and activated parents, caregivers, and educators. 


JAnuary 2019

Kidappolis facilitates the way my son is learning his letters and vocabulary. And instead of spending time on other apps, my son is learning as he plays.

Nereida Maldonado, Mother



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